Designing with Tulips at Filoli

March 30, 2019

Cost; $160- click on link above for tickets and registration

Take inspiration from the renowned bulb collections on display in Filoli’s spring garden where tulips are the stars of the show. Learn how to purchase, condition, and tame these challenging blooms that continuously change direction, open, and grow. Create a colorful arrangement bursting with bulb flowers and bring home your floral creation to enjoy.


Collaborative book event with Cassie Winslow at Bookshop Santa Cruz

May 8, 2019  – 7:00 PM- more details to follow

Fresh Flower Wreaths at Filoli

May 16, 2019

$160 includes all the materials.  Lunch is optional add-on, click the link above for more details and to register.

Come join me at Filoli where we’ll be making these gorgeous fresh floral wreaths–and with NO FOAM!  Yay!  Sustainable floristry is always at the heart of all I do, so I’m so excited to share my techniques in creating a fresh wreath without the use of harmful micro-plastics found in the industry’s floral foam.

Also, I love the fact that this class is held in May.  For May-day and all month spring beauty, adorn your doors, kitchens, and everywhere else indoors with the glorious bounty of spring blooms!


Fresh Floral Wreath #nofoam


May 19, 2019

More details to follow…