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A book is in the works!

The Posy Book (temporary name) will contain an assortment of Posy Recipes, full page images of how-to and inspired Posies.  It will also contain an extensive modern floral dictionary.  For the past 15 years Teresa has been collecting books and all other information to compile the most complete and comprehensive floral dictionary available today. 

In addition to that, she is currently updating the dictionary to include modern hybrid flowers, plants and some herbs that were not included in the earlier dictionaries because they did not exist.  This is an on-going process and will never really be finished!  Also included in the book will be various resources to buy cut flowers, plant and herbs, as well as the plant form with a list of online retail nurseries to shop from.  A Posy Garden planting guide is also included to guide the reader through an establishment of a specially designated garden for a patio or plot that includes hedges, trees, perennials and annuals that all have a wide variety of useful meanings and sentiments in the language of flowers.  We’ll call it the Perpetual Posy Garden!