On stands now—Country Gardens Magazine

Available now on stands, my feature in the Early Spring Edition 2018 of Country Gardens Magazine! wow!  This was super exciting for me, and I’m so fortunate to have had this opportunity. Written so perfectly by Debra Prinzing, it’s a story called The Language of Love.  I am just so happy at how this turned out because sometimes, when you’re giving a story interview, it isn’t interpreted exactly how you articulated it.  Debra did a fantastic job at this, partly because she knows me–we are friends, but mostly because she’s a really great writer, she listens.  Debra nailed it here, and this story really captures the essence of what I’m trying to do with my business, the upcoming book, and Posies!

Teresa Sabankaya, Country Gardens Magazine Spring 2018

Here I’m am being photographed in the garden for the story,  All the photos in the magazine are by the fantastic photographer Erin Kunkel.

For my Bride Posy, Country Gardens Magazine

From the Heart-  A Posy for a bride to be ~

Love Letters Posy, Teresa Sabankaya

Love Letters Posy ~

Erin Kunkel photographing Teresa Sabankaya

This has certainly been a highlight for me, and I hope you were able to grab a copy of this beautiful magazine, or better yet, it landed in your mailbox!