Natural Dye Ribbon

While in Seattle for the Slow Flowers Summit, I attended a natural ribbon dyeing workshop hosted by Susanna Luck of  Nettle Textiles.  Check out her website!  It’s so beautiful 😉

It’s been so long since I did something like attend a workshop for a beautiful skill like this!  What a delight it was, and Susanna led the course with ease and humor and was full of information and knowledge she was eager to share.  I learned so much and feel inspired and ready to begin my own dyeing now.



Cute vintage clothespins with calligraphy were provided along with a sweet set of ready to go ribbons.  It’s always a nice touch to gift workshop attendees with a gift box of items conducive and complementary to what they’re there to learn.  That’s a lesson for myself!  I’m going to start creating a beautiful gift box for my workshop guests too!

Natural ribbon dyeing is catching on and there are some beautiful web sites that offer their ribbons.  I am excited to begin a new collection of perfectly dyed ribbons for our Posies!

Silk and Willow

Lancaster and Cornish

Froufrou Chic

And of course,  Nettle Textiles

Some of my favorites from Nettle Textiles