Hyacinth for Spring

In the language of flowers, the Hyacinth represents games, play and sport. Historically used in ceremonies honoring athletes, the Hyacinth represents the collaboration required in games and sports. In Ancient Greece, it was the flower dedicated to Apollo.

Hyacinth are extraordinarily beautiful and incredibly fragrant. I can’t think of a flower that has a sweeter fragrance.  For that reason it’s a perfect bulb for pots placed near doorways and sidewalks. They are super easy bulbs to grow and you can always count on  their perennial habits. I love the surprise and anticipation when their little tips peek out of the ground year after year. They’re my spring workhorse that fills the garden with a Rich and dense aroma. And  I love to look into those luminous bells and search the veins for the color variations. The opaque lavender are my absolute favorite. The individual waxy florets are like pieces of candy stacked in a jar.

For our everyday use to create floral sentiments with Posies, we use the Hyacinth’s segmented meanings defined by color.

White signifies loveliness, I’ll pray for you.


The Blue Hyacinth represents constancy










Purple Hyacinth means sorrow, I am sorry, please forgive me.


and red or pink means play!


Hyacinths have relatively short stems, so they don’t work well in mixed bouquets, but what a showstopper in a compote bowl in a mono-botanical arrangement!

Enjoy the many bounties of spring! This is only one, but a superb heralding of sunnier days!

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