Bloom Day April 2017

I have been inspired to post monthly for Bloom Day!  After reading a recent post over at Debra Prinzing’s  Slow Flowers Journal, where she posted about a book (I also ordered!) by Carol Michel, that led me over to her blog, May Dreams Gardens, in which she had just posted about all the flowers, trees and shrubs that were in bloom at that time in her garden, and I fell in love with the idea.  This will be a monthly post, and I need to get into my garden more often and try to enjoy it so this may be the perfect thing to lead me into some garden-time enjoyment.  Because usually when I’m in the garden I’m either frantically running with clippers and cutting for orders, or weeding and tidying getting ready for a walk through or some other event.  Basically working my butt off!

I did try and do this Bloom Day a few years back, after getting inspired at that time as well by a gardener’s blog, but I stopped after about 6 months because I never got any comments, so I just wasn’t sure I was being heard or seen.  Well, that may happen again, but darn it I don’t care if anyone sees it or not.  I want to do this!  And you know what?  You’re going to love it!

Mock Orange –Philadelphus

In the Language of Flowers it means Counterfeit (ha! of course!)




Weigela ‘Bristol Ruby’

In the Language of Flowers it means Accept a Faithful Heart, Grace and Yielding to Love



Lilac- Syringa vulgaris

In the Language of Flowers a Purple Lilac means First emotions of love


Clivia miniata

In the Language of Flowers it means Good fortune




Coral Bells Heuchera

In the Language of Flowers it means challenge, hard work



Snowball Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’

In the Language of Flowers it’s known as the Guelder Rose, and it means winter, bound & agitation



Leucodendron I have NO idea the variety and if you know please tell me!

In the Language of Flowers Leucodendron, Proteas, Banksias & Grevilleas mean Diversity, Steadfastness, Loyalty, Intent



And that’s a wrap!! These were my highlights, and there were so many more.  I love the garden in the spring!

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