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Hello friends!  Today I embark on a new challenge–oops! I meant today I embark on a new enterprise, an adventure, a project!  I am excited to share my ramblings with you on my new blog here, and I hope that you can be engaged, inspired and humored along with me.  Just fill in that ‘Subscribe’ button you see following you around so you’ll always know when I post something.  I am going to be blogging here as I develop a following (hopefully) in front of and in anticipation of my up and coming (I don’t know when) book.  I am not going to make this blog all about the book though.  It’s going to have some hard-core daily life struggles, some wins and accomplishments, some lows and some funny stuff too.  Just about me and my attempt to cultivate and create a book about something I’m fascinated about and worthy of a look and a read by you.

I am trying with all my might to balance my life right now.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister.  And I am a friend to those who’ll have me given my crazy schedule of life.  I own a retail store front–a flower shop.  Our family owns board and care homes for adults with mental illness.  I have 3 dogs, a herd of cats and a new little Canary named Duke that won’t sing for me.  And I am a Type I diabetic.  This can be a huge struggle all on it’s own with constant monitoring of blood sugar, insulin pumps, finger sticks.  Fun stuff, but I’m so thankful to have all that to help me maintain my health.  There, now you know all about me!

I don’t need anything else to do.  Especially write a book.  But this book has been in my head since my early 20’s (that’s about 30 years ago) This is my dream.  To write a book that would include an up-to-date and modern floral dictionary, recipes to make these floral sentiments-POSIES, plans for a perpetual posy garden and a ton of references on how to start utilizing your own backyard to make nosegays, tussies and Posies.

So stay tuned everyone.  I’m going to try and do this regularly- this blogging.  If I fall short of posting regularly, which I know I will, please forgive me.  It just means that life has intervened and either there is a cat fight going on, I’m inundated with administrative paperwork from one of the businesses, or just being a mom to my daughters, which by the way is my numero UNO priority.

Cheers!  And make it a good day.

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE Rumi so you’ll see a lot of my posts ending with something he wrote.  I hope you find his writings as inspirational as I do.

If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?


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