Looking back & the process of writing #2

This morning I am looking back on the year and the particularly the process of my writing.

I have learned so much about being an author.  The first was actually referring to myself as an author!  I have been a student, wife, mother, employee–all of these titles are gravely important, especially the mother.  But when I refer to myself as an author, it makes my heart jump and my nerves quiver a little.  I was told early on by another author, who has become a very good friend since, that in order to become an author, you’ve got to accept that you are an authority in a subject.  So the process of becoming an authority in the subject of the language of flowers began after that conversation.  I began to realize that hey, maybe I do know a little about the language of flowers!  The days of questioning my knowledge (in my own head) began to wain away the deeper I got into writing my book.  Slowly but surely I began to trust myself, and recognize the idea of my knowledge on the subject of floral symbolism and floriography.  I have come to embrace the fact that this subject is one that I can safely say that I truly KNOW.  I am enamored with the subject, and it’s an easy research—I devour anything on the subject, and have done so for many years.  I’m simply learning and educating myself on the language of flowers and those that did the same before me.  And to put all this information into a book form has been a long standing dream of mine, so I am beyond elated to share my book with you!

So to begin to put it from my head to keyboard was a growth process for me.  It’s not easy to pull it all out of the brain and share.  I can talk a lot easier than I can write! But, I did it!  I have always written in a journal since my teen years.  It’s a way I can sort through my feelings.  When I see it written, it’s easy to understand.  When it’s floating around in head, often it seem scrambled.  So, I tried to do this in the book–write in a way that it’s clear and concise, educational too, but mainly inspiring.  My goal with The Posy Book was to create a new wave of excitement, maybe even a slight phenomenon!

So 2018 was a year of great personal growth for me.  I learned patience, and I learned how to trust myself, my knowledge.  I learned to listen to what’s really inside of me.  The book writing process taught me that.  Listen.  I learned discipline too–lot’s of that!

The old Oak tree in the garden at Castle House.  I adore this tree….it provides quiet reflection for me and I ponder a lot of thoughts sitting under her majestic canopy.

Husband of the Year!  He deserves the world at his feet.  A man that has my whole heart— he is selfless, respectful, loving and honest.  And great company around a fire with some good cab!

Miss Violet turns ONE!  She makes me LAUGH.  A lot!